I. M. Wright podcast: “So far away: Distributed development”

If you’re a developer or a manager of developers, you need to meet I. M. Wright:

This self-proclaimed “Microsoft development manager at large” writes an opinion column for developers that describes itself as “brutally honest, no pulled punches.” As Wright borderline-brags, “Each column starts with a rant, followed by a root-cause analysis of the problem, and ending with suggested improvements.”

In June of 2001, I. M. Wright began publishing these columns internally at Microsoft; later he began blogging for employees’ eyes only. In late 2007, Microsoft Press published 49 of the columns in I. M. Wright’s “Hard Code.” (The book includes numerous “Eric Asides” by Wright’s alter ego, Eric Brechner, which explain Microsoft terms, provide updates, or convey additional context. Wright’s blog now does this too.) And these days I. M. Wright posts his columns publicly, one per month. (This story is more thoroughly told here.)

This is the first in a series of podcasts by Mr. Wright. This podcast delivers his February 2008 post.


And watch for his February 2009 podcast later this month. We’ll be posting two podcasts a month as we work through I. M.’s oeuvre.

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