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We received an email from Aaron C. asking about Training Kits for Microsoft certification upgrade exams:

“Will a book be created for 70-453? I have noticed that some of the upgrade exams are not getting books created. When I was taking 70-648 I needed to read both books for 640 and 642. My next task is to upgrade my MCITP Database Administrator 2005 to 2008.”

I’d like to reply to Aaron in a blog post, since this question comes up often. A Microsoft Press Training Kit, or TK as we say in the biz, is the best self-paced exam prep you can buy (I’m a little biased). As much as we’d like to, we cannot publish a TK for each and every Microsoft certification exam. The TKs are big books with extras such as practice tests, software evals, and discount exam vouchers. They cost a lot to produce, so they make sense for the more popular exams which have the wider audiences.

The audience for the 70-453 exam, for the MCITP Database Administrator 2008 certification, is an elite one, and not wide enough for a TK. But we can still be of some help. The objectives for the 70-453 are a subset of those for the Technology Specialist-level 70-432 and Pro-level 70-450 exams. Our 70-432 TK is available as of February 18th (see Jan 26, 2009 post below) and is great preparation for the upgrade exam. We don’t plan a TK to cover the 70-450 exam, but William Stanek’s Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Administrator's Pocket Consultant (ISBN: 9780735625891) is good background and a great job resource.

And though it’s too late for Aaron, we have good news for those of you upgrading to your MCITP Server or Enterprise Administrator certification for Windows Server 2008. A Training Kit combining study guides for both the 70-648 and 70-649 upgrade exams will be available in March, all for the regular TK price of $69.99:


MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit (Exams 70-648 & 70-649):
Transitioning Your MCSA/MCSE to Windows Server 2008
(ISBN: 9780735626331)

Thanks to Aaron for a great question!

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  1. Aaron N. says:

    In response to Aaron C. I would just say that I have both the 2005 and 2008 MCITP: DBA credentials and I found that the non-upgrade tests were pretty easy if he wanted to go that route, there’s only two of them.  Otherwise for two of the last three exams that I passed, there was no book, so I just had to use the "Skills Measured" portion of the web page for the exam.  That definitely helped focus my study for the 70-432 and the 70-446

  2. Aaron C. says:

    Thanks for the suggestion. In light of finding out that there would not be a book for the 450 exam. I will get the 432 book and read the revelent portion as it pertains to the 450 exam and fill in the gaps with something else. I have a feeling that the upgrade exam is going to be easier than the two exam route only because it should be asking questions on what is different between 2005 and 2008.

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