Introductions: Sandra Haynes

Welcome to the Microsoft Press blog! I'm Sandra Haynes, a developmental editor with Press. I've spent most of my career at Press as a developmental editor focused on books for the information worker and consumer audience. I've mainly worked on book series (Inside Out, Step by Step, Plain & Simple) as wells as books in the Skills family (Beyond Bullet Points: Using Microsoft Office PowerPoint to Create Presentations That Inform, Motivate, and Inspire, by Cliff Atkinson, is one example). I enjoy helping create books that help people use technology to do cool things, solve problems, and make managing their work and lives easier. I also enjoy working with authors and teams to create the book that meets just that need happen. I love technology. I love what it can do. I enjoy working on products that bring home these possibilities to users.

I look forward to stopping in to write about some of the cool stuff going on here at Press and upcoming as well as in-process projects. Feel free to drop a line and send share any feedback:

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  1. JuanMa Sanchez says:

    Are you still in Microsoft Press? i´m like you, i was work in a blog TI in México but since 2010 is stopped. Congratulations

  2. Mario R says:

    How fascinating

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