Introductions: Martin DelRe

Welcome all. I’m Martin DelRe, a product planner for Microsoft Press books and Microsoft Learning courseware and e-learning. I focus on books and learning products for IT Professionals. I’ve been at Microsoft for 12 years, beginning as an author on the Windows Resource Kits Team, then manager of that team, and then as the IT Pro books planner for Microsoft Press. Prior to Microsoft, I worked as a networking professional and network-to-host integration specialist.

I especially enjoy working with our expert authors and editorial team. I plan the projects in cooperation with the authors and then turn the authors loose on our editors so they can work their magic together. It's not always pretty along the way, especially when the beta software doesn't work as expected, but they always find a way to make sure the final books are top notch. I especially like to facilitate the interaction between the authors and the internal Microsoft software experts. That combination makes for some really useful and in-depth content.

I'm always planning something new and we're always looking ways to improve so I hope you’ll let me know what you would like us to consider for future books.

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  1. Zane Safrit says:


    I would love to see a new book about the efficacy of SharePoint for Small Business.



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