Introductions: Ken Jones

I'm Ken Jones, a product planner at Microsoft Learning. I plan Microsoft Press books, particularly the Training Kit and SQL Server series. I also plan ILT (Instructor-Led Training) and e-Learning courseware, but my first love is books.

At Microsoft Press, my job is what most publishers would call an acquisitions editor. I review our Training Kit and SQL Server list of titles and decide what new books or updated editions we need, and when to publish them. These new books come from proposals submitted by authors, as well as from ideas developed in our planning meetings. In the latter case, I try to match up these book ideas with the best authors we can find. Working with authors and potential authors is the great joy of my job.

I'm looking forward to posting on new Microsoft Press Training Kits and SQL Server titles. I'd also be happy to reply to any questions you might have about the acquisitions and publishing process. Please feel free to email me directly at

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