Introductions: Kim Spilker

I'm Kim Spilker, the marketing manager for Microsoft Press. I've been around the technical publishing industry for a while now. One of the first important books I published was on Windows NT 4 Server. I'm thrilled to finally be marketing for Microsoft Press and living out here in Washington.

Because I'm focused on marketing, a lot of the posts you'll see from me will revolve around new titles, events and sales. I welcome feedback and tips on where to find great prices on our books. I try to know about all of the promotions, but that's hard to do when we have many resellers and events all over the world!

Feel free to contact me anytime.

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  1. 15 miles to the east of Microsoft Press, nestled in the Cascade foothills, you’ll find the peaceful town of Snoqualmie, population 1600, home to MS Press marketing manager Kim Spilker and her family. A sylvan sanctuary, Snoqualmie, and the setting for

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