"Please provide feedback on this KB Article" – Where does the feedback go ??

Now that everything under the sun has a web presence, I'm sure you've stumbled upon links to Feedback Forms on various websites.  I bet you've always wondered if they went to an unchecked mailbox and if anything ever came of it.

Well I can personally tell you that we keep metrics on which KB articles are accessed as well as feedback ratings for articles.  We have triage sessions for KB articles whose "Was this KB Article helpful?" ratings were low.  Then we engage various content writers and subject matter experts and we revise the content so that the accuracy and helpful rating is high.  There are also many weekly reviews of internal solution articles we write to be reviewed for publishing into new KB articles.

In one such instance the Helpfulness and Accuracy rating for one particular KB Article was so low that we took the feedback and created free support cases for persons that left a phone number or email address on why the article wasn't helpful.  I personally contacted a number of those people to ensure we resolved all issues.

That being said, our metrics report shows that one of the highest client issues for Office 2007 surrounds the installation on Terminal Servers.  As per the End User License Agreement since Office 2000 to Office XP to Office 2003 and now Office 2007, you obviously need a volume license edition of Office 2007 with a valid volume license key to be authorized to install it on a Terminal Server.  (Ie. You can't go to a retail store and buy a retail copy of Office 2007 off the shelf and hope to install it on your company Terminal Server with 1000 users!)

The following KB Article describes this best: Error message when you try to start a 2007 Office program within a Terminal Server client session: "This copy of Microsoft Office <Program> cannot be used on Terminal Server" http://support.microsoft.com/kb/924622 

Along with that, our "Action Pack" software agreement customers do not receive Enterprise versions of Office 2007, so therefore, they cannot use their entitled Office 2007 on Terminal Servers.

Some of our MSDN subscribers may have access to the Enterprise versions of Office 2007, however they may not have a volume license key purchased.

If you have any questions, send us some comments or contact our Licensing Department at: 800.426.9400


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