Giving Feedback on Publisher 2010

The Office 2010 Technical Preview invitations have been sent out now, and we're looking forward to getting as much feedback as possible. We have a few tools to get feedback in the technical preview, and we want to make sure you know how to access them.


For the majority of our users, those who are not receiving invitations to the technical preview, you still have an opportunity to give us feedback.  There is lots of information coming out over the next few weeks, and lots of places are disseminating this info, so everyone will have a chance to "see" the beta even if you aren't downloading the bits to play with.  We invite you to post comments to this blog, to either this topic or any other, for any thoughts you have on what you are seeing in the media, on our blog, or on any other Office sites that talk about what's new and cool in Office 2010.  See the end of this post for several links to more info on Office 2010.

For our users who have received the very limited number of technical preview invitations that were available, the first and most important way to give feedback is to submit it on Connect. Those who were invited were given a personalized link to get the bits. If you have any feedback for us (good or bad) you can submit it by logging back into the Connect site and choosing 'Feedback'. The site will guide you through with step-by-step directions.

One of the other ways to interact with Connect is through the newsgroups. In the newsgroups you can meet other users of the technical preview, and share your experiences. The newsgroups work much like web forums, and they're a great way to find solutions if you're having trouble with the new software.

Outside of the Connect website, there are also a few other ways to make sure we hear your feedback. The Send a Smile tool is one of the quickest and easiest ways to let us know how you're feeling. When you install the technical preview, we put a yellow smiley face and a red frown in your system tray. When something happens in Office, you can click on whichever face represents your interaction. You'll be offered a dialog where you can include a screenshot, your contact information, and a comment about the experience. You can include as much or as little information as you'd like.  Most information on Send a Smile can be found on today's post to the main Office 2010 blog.

There are a few other, easy ways you can help us make a great version of Office. When you install Office, please leave the Customer Experience Improvement Program enabled. Also, in the unfortunate event that the software crashes, please choose to send the error report -- this information really helps us fix problems.  This is true whether you are running the beta or a released version of Publisher.

Thanks you to those of you participating in the Technical Preview program, and continued thanks to all our users who continue to provide us with great information on how Publisher does and does not work well for them. We really appreciate any and all feedback you provide to us.

Here are a few interesting links with more useful information:

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·        More information about Publisher:

·        The main Office 2010 blog: The Office 2010 Engineering blog

Michelle Lisse, on behalf of the whole Publisher team 


About the contributor:  Michelle Lisse is a Program Manager and has worked on the Publisher team for about 11 months, after previously completing an internship with the team. She really likes the color pink, and is easily distracted by shiny objects.  Like Publisher 2010.

Comments (15)

  1. someone says:

    Why aren’t the wonderful picture editing and effect tools introduced in Word 2010 and PowerPoint 2010 included in Publisher 2010 where they’ll be most useful?

  2. Janet Schorr [MSFT] says:

    Thanks for your comment, and I’m glad you’re enjoying the new picture features in Word and Powerpoint.

    A number of the comments we’ve received about Publisher 2010 all have a similar feel:

    Why doesn’t Publisher have the new picture editing tools? Why does Publisher still have the old type of WordArt, that’s limited to a separate text box? And why doesn’t Publisher support the fancy gradients, soft shadows and 3-D effects that the other applications have?

    All of the new graphics effects introduced last release in Powerpoint, Excel, and Word are the result of a new graphics engine. Integrating a new graphics engine is a huge undertaking, particularly in page layout applications like Publisher, where everything you see on the page requires the graphics engine to edit, display, and print correctly. With the Ribbon, Backstage, workspace, pictures and typography work in Publisher 2010, this feature just didn’t make the cut for us this time.

    I’ll write another blog post soon that goes into more depth on the graphics engine and why we haven’t implemented it for Publisher yet.

    In the meantime, I know a number of users are creating shapes, WordArt and photos in PowerPoint or Word, then pasting them into Publisher. While this isn’t an ideal solution, it will continue to work successfully in Publisher 2010.


    Janet Schorr

    Publisher Lead Program Manager

  3. sean7phil says:

    I can’t stop newly added pictures in publisher from showing on all my web pages.

    There is no clearly written help in the MS Publisher help database on this.

    I am up against a deadline, worked for weeks on this project, and have spent hours trying to find a fix for this which is jeopardizing weeks of hard work.

    Why does the Publisher "help" database not even produce a search result on this problem?!  

  4. sean7phil says:

    P.S. I tried clicking "Ignore master page" on each and every page. Nothing. And no documentation on this issues either.


  5. sean7phil says:

    I can’t stop newly added pictures in publisher 2007 from showing on all my web pages.

    There is no clearly written help in the MS Publisher help database on this.

    I am up against a deadline, worked for weeks on this project, and have spent hours trying to find a fix for this which is jeopardizing weeks of hard work.

    Why does the Publisher "help" database not even produce a search result on this problem?!  

  6. Joy Starks says:

    My technical preview does not have any Web Site templates.  I use them all the time in Publisher 2007.  Will they be added at beta?

  7. Joy Starks says:

    Will the Beta enable the Web ribbon?

  8. Jordan Scango says:

    Why is it that when i’m typing , the text re-sizes to a tiny unreadable font for a few seconds?

  9. Lisa says:

    There are a few things that I would love to see in a new release of Publisher which I have used forever…  

    1-I have problems with graphs created in Publisher.  The graph looks perfect while you are working on it, but when you close the graph to see it in the document, the graph text and sometimes its shape is warped.

    2-PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE create new and exciting templates!  The templates have hardly changed over the years I’ve used Pub.  I used the templates with Pub along with free ones on the Microsoft page over and over and over and finally paid for subscriptions at other companies to obtain fresh templates for newsletters, flyers, ads, etc.

    3-Improved ability to add transparent areas to pictures and to add various degrees of transparency to pictures and shapes (to see text on top of picture).

    4-Is there any way other than purchasing a $1000 program to ensure that the color you see on a page is at least CLOSE to the one that will be printed on your printer?  I work at home for a company based 100 miles away and I never know how the colors will print from their printer and how they will differ from what is printed on mine (which in many cases is different from the monitor as well).

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Publisher and have used it for as long as I can remember.  Have never taken a class and have been able to create certificates, brochures, newsletters, books and booklets, signs, marketing materials, etc. etc. etc. for every job I have held.

    Can’t wait for the new Publisher to be released.

  10. I just installed Office 2010 and so far i like the look but not the functionality of it. Publisher glitches a lot. I build pretty extensive websites in publisher because a could control almost every aspect of the design without having to code anything. Most of my cleints like this because if i need to fully hand the site over to them for their own editing, it makes it a simple process. Now the sites that usually take me less than an hour to update are taking me forever to do because it is so slow. I usually can grab many images at the same time and move them. but now when i try to do that, Publisher starts to not rewspond. It is not my machine because i am using a Quad core, 6 gig ram, etc. machine. I mean come on??? Outlook has shut down twice. Havent used the other programs yet. I think Publisher needs to dumbed down a bit so it doesnt crash when doing elaborate projects.I really havent had the problem with simple items. I would hate to see the program I have used & LOVED for many years not work for me anymore. I hope these things get fixed.

  11. Russel Dains says:

    Unfortunately, I have had to revert back to Publisher 2007.  After trying 2010 Beta, it was way too slow to use.  Typing words in text boxes was delayed. Reloading images on the navigation pane also took 10-15 seconds each time.  I tried restarting and closing most other processes. No help.  I have Vista with 2.5 GB ram.  Hopefully these fixes will be made soon so I can continue testing it.  As of now, however, it is not quick enough.

  12. Al says:

    Publisher 2010 Beta is so slow that it’s painful to work with. I have to revert back to Publisher 2007 because it’s taking 2-3 times as long to arrange and format items on the page. Are there any settings or tricks to help speed it up?

  13. pubteam says:

    Hi Al,

    Some users have noticed poor performance in the beta, particularly in publications with large pictures. To work around this, you can turn on legacy drag preview.

    Click the ‘File’ tab and select ‘Options’ from the left column. In the dialog that pops up, there is a category for ‘Advanced’, pick this. Underneath the heading ‘Display’ you’ll see a checkbox that says ‘Use legacy drag preview’. Check this and select ok.

    Hopefully this will improve your experience. We appreciate the feedback 🙂

  14. scolescole says:

    Why is Publisher 2010 beta soooooooooooo slooooooooow?  It is unusable after putting a couple of graphic elements on a page.

  15. JPaules says:

    Is there a way to convert the Content Library in Pub 2007 or older to building blocks in Pub 2010?

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