Browser enabled InfoPath form open in client application

Recently we worked on an issue where browser enabled InfoPath form is opening in client application instead of opening in browser.

When publishing the form, getting warning

"This form template is browser -compatible but it cannot be browser enabled on the selected site"  
Steps to follow:

-Verify the "SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Features" should be activated on site collection and sub site.

-Verify the Forms Services Configuration option of "Allow users to browser-enable form templates" should be enabled.

-Check the status of IPFSSiteFeatures on the problematic site by running below command:

Enable-SPFeature “IPFSSiteFeatures” -url "SiteURL"

-Re-enable the IPFSSiteFeatures.

When you see error "The InfoPath Forms Services support feature is not properly activated. Document library could not be found at IWConvertedForms." while enabling the IPFSSiteFeatures, verify the IWConvertedForms library.

Note: IWConvertedForms library is hidden library which can be accessed using below url:


-Re-create the  IWConvertedForms library using below commands:

Disable-SPFeature -Identity a0e5a010-1329-49d4-9e09-f280cdbed37d -url http://servername/sites/sitename -Force -Confirm:$false

Enable-SPFeature -Identity a0e5a010-1329-49d4-9e09-f280cdbed37d -url http://servername/sites/sitename

Note: We might have to remove and add the feature "a0e5a010-1329-49d4-9e09-f280cdbed37d" using PowerShell commands.


Published By: Neelesh Singh Rai

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