Deploying InfoPath template gets stuck in starting state

Issue :


On you SharePoint farm, you are trying to deploy InfoPath form
template. When you add a new template it gets stuck in deploying state. If you
delete the template it gets stuck in the deleting state and you will have to
delete the one time timer job to delete the solution completely.


Possible Cause:


The administrator password might have been corrupted.





  • Firstly when the InfoPath
         form template solution get stuck, we cannot stop it. We will have to
         delete the one time timer job. 
         Otherwise it would get stuck in the deleting state.
  • Try to clear configuration
         cache which might clear out the stale configuration and refresh the cache,
         which might fix the issue.
  • Run the command : stsadm -o
         execadmsvcjobs  you will get the
         exact error on what is causing the issue to deploy the solution.
  • In this case we are getting
         the error : " error during encryption or decryption 997"
  • In ULS logs we see the error
         : "Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPCredentialManager.DecryptWithMasterKey(Byte[]


  • The service account passwords
         are either corrupted or changed recently. To fix it we ran the below
         mentioned commands on all the servers in the farm.


  1. stsadm -o
         updatefarmcredentials -userlogin DomainName\UserName -password NewPassword
  2. stsadm -o
         updatefarmcredentials -userlogin DomainName\UserName -password NewPassword
  3. iisreset
  4. stsadm -o
         updateaccountpassword -userlogin DomainName\UserName -password NewPassword


  • Then try to deploy the
         InfoPath form template which should be deployed successfully.


Published by: Menaka Sarkar B.

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