"Updating the content type failed" while publishing the InfoPath form

While trying to publish an InfoPath form to a SharePoint forms library, it might fail with the error message “Updating the content type failed” after a long time. Also, we might see duplicate columns in the content type in the library settings.

During the final process of "validating the content type", it could get failed.

If we check the columns and content types in the settings of the forms library, we could see duplicate entries of most of the columns. When we are trying to publish the InfoPath form which contains the promoted fields again to the same library, it might have created duplicate columns.

Steps to fix the issue:

1. We need to remove the duplicate entries.

2. We need to publish the InfoPath form by removing the promoted fields.

3. As it takes lot of time to validate the content type, we need to increase the execution timeout in the web.config file of the web application.

<httpRuntime maxRequestLength="51200" executionTimeout="600" />

4. We need to do an IISRESET /noforce or recycle the app pool.

5. Once it is done, we need to republish the InfoPath form.

Published By: Madhan Kumar


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