Schools pick Office 365 for HIPPA and security and privacy

“While the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) generally applies to healthcare providers and related organizations, the act also imposes requirements on any institution that maintains health records on individuals, including schools. To meet those requirements when it comes to their cloud systems, a number of top universities have opted for Office 365, which…


Center 2012 Endpoint Protection Client for Mac and Linux is out!

System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection Client for Mac and Linux: anti-malware protection for unmanaged desktops and servers running Mac or Linux operating systems.  Extended SecurityTo secure these Mac OS clients, Endpoint Protection 2012 is now available to provide antimalware detection and remediation of viruses.  It also offers real-time analysis of new content arriving on the…


Windows SteadyState and Win 7

I know it was a major bummer that Windows SteadyState was not carried forrward with Windows 7 support; however, most of its features can be replicated by using native Windows 7 features and free tools from Microsoft.  More Information Creating a Steady State by Using Microsoft Technologies Group Policy Settings for Creating a Steady State Windows SteadyState Reference Spreadsheet


Baking FCS into your image

Here’s some reache we did to help customers deploy Forefont Client Seurity via imaging process.    1.       If you want the FCS clients in managed mode (go to your WSUS for updates and report to your MOM console: Install FCS via the command line to the image: Clientsetup.exe /MS xxx /CG xxxxx   MOM installation parameters:…


Forefront Edu LiveMeetings

Are you paying for your current Anti-Virus/Anti Spyware solution based on the number of PC’s you have on Campus?  Does this agreement renew annually? Have you been wondering which IT Security licensing model will offer your institution the highest ROI for the lowest TCO, are site licenses cost effective? Without a doubt, the current economic…


Update: Windows Server 2008 Higher Education Feature shout out – Fine grained password policy

Here’s an update to this feature shout-out.  My customer is already running Windows Server 2008 AD and below a description of the solution:   Today we are actually implementing Complex passwords.  Our goal for Server 2008 and complex passwords was the ability and flexibility of setting different password policies for different populations of people based…


Extranet Collaboration Toolkit for SharePoint

The Extranet Collaboration Toolkit for SharePoint provides authoritative guidance and tools to deploy a pre-built, customizable SharePoint solution that teams can use to collaborate with partners outside the firewall.  The toolkit has a web-based interface, so it’s easy to use. Using this free toolkit, Administrators can set up a secure, SharePoint-based collaboration site in minutes….


You’re In Control: Microsoft Launches Security and Management Solutions

Starting today, You’re in Control with Microsoft® Forefront™ and Microsoft System Center.Today, Microsoft announced the release of two new products: Forefront Client Security and System Center Essentials 2007. These new products show Microsoft’s continued commitment to helping you address IT security and management challenges – so you have more control over your IT environment.  …


Higher Education Security Webcast – May 10th 2PM EST

Please join this exclusive Webcast for our Microsoft Managed Higher Education Accounts. Our Security Solution Specialist, Dan Sommerman, will review Microsoft’s Comprehensive Security Product Portfolio and how Colleges and Universities can benefit from the Forefront Security Suite:-Greater protection – Forefront’s Multi Engine Advantage-Tighter control -Integration with your existing IT Infrastructure-Simplified Deployment, Management, and Analysis We will review these…


Your Laptop Data Is At Risk – Data Encryption Toolkit for Mobile PCs

You’ve seen the headlines. Mobile PCs are easy targets for theft. And news stories are appearing with increasing regularity about companies whose employees have either misplaced their mobile PCs, or had them stolen – laptops filled with sensitive employee or customer information. Losing confidential data can cost your customers hundreds of thousands of dollars in…