Center 2012 Endpoint Protection Client for Mac and Linux is out!

System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection Client for Mac and Linux: anti-malware protection for unmanaged desktops and servers running Mac or Linux operating systems.  Extended SecurityTo secure these Mac OS clients, Endpoint Protection 2012 is now available to provide antimalware detection and remediation of viruses.  It also offers real-time analysis of new content arriving on the…

Microsoft new partnership with Internet2

“Under this agreement with Internet2, Microsoft will waive both data egress and data ingress charges for Internet2 university members through their institutions’ existing Enrollment for Education Solutions licensing agreement with Microsoft.” “Microsoft is also working with Internet2 and the university research community to pilot new large-data management, archiving and curation efforts that demonstrate capabilities around…

OCS for Blackboard Learning Platform

Enabling Technologies wrote a really cool app that lights up Office Communication Server Instant Messaging and Presence within Blackboard.  See the attached datasheet. For more information  OCS for Blackboard Learn DataSheet.pdf

OCS – New PIC Licensing and XMPP Gateway released

We are excited to announce changes to the Office Communications Server Public IM Connectivity (PIC) license that provides instant messaging and presence federation to the Windows Live, AOL and Yahoo! public IM networks.  A PIC License will no longer be required for federation with American Online (AOL).  Customers qualify for federation with AOL if they…

IE8 RTW very soon

IE8 is going to release to the web very soon.  It wil not come down via Windows Update for several weeks.  Just like IE7 there is a blocker toolkit for when it does.  Contact matthic for more information. IE8 launch is coming soon. Get your public site ready today.   Windows® Internet Explorer® 8 is…


New Docy – Exchange Labs / Exchange on-prem split SMTP namespace

This is very cool.  Official documentation which helps Universities that use Exchange Labs (Outlook Live) and Exchange on-premises share SMTP namespace.    E.g. If you want students on Outlook Live and fac/staff on Exchange on-prem and want to share SMTP namespace ( this documentation shows you how to accomplish it.    Shared Address Space   Configure…


Entourage for Exchange Web Services Beta is Live

I am excited to announce that we went live with our Entourage for Exchange Web Services beta today.  For those of you who may be new to the Exchange Web Services feature, this is new technology that we partnered with the Exchange Server team on to allow clients like Entourage to connect to the Business…


MOSS + CAS authentication session at Educause 10/29

Based on the excellent work at Yale School of Management and The University of Miami we are sponsoring a technical session at Educause. MOSS + CAS: Hybrid Authentication/Authorization Architecture for SharePoint 2007Wednesday October 29th from 10-10:30 AMMicrosoft Booth at Educause Orlando, FL More details forthcoming.


Ensuring your website is ready for Internet Explorer 8

Top line –  IE 8 can potentially affect websites designed for previous versions of IE.  Feel free to reach out with questions.  Thanks. Users may experience one or more of the following issues when Web browsing existing content with Internet Explorer 8 in IE8 Standards mode: Misaligned page layout, Overlapping text or images, JavaScript functionality…

Groundhog day – Entourage MAPI support?

Here’s some good insight on a question we get all the time – “When will Entourage use MAPI?”