Azure resources for educators

Some great resources for teachers and faculty that are interested in teaching Azure.  

Azure curriculum:  

Additional Azure labs and resources for Faculty & Students:

Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows 8

Windows Azure and SQL Database
This new modular course provides information about Cloud Computing in general and Windows Azure and Windows Azure SQL Database in particular. The tutorials cover how to develop for the Windows Azure environment and how to use SQL Database as the back-end RDBMS.  Creating Virtual Machines and using Web Sites – the new Azure functionality – is  also included.  Each of the 6 Modules consist of a lecture and a lab.

Windows Azure and SQL Database (Instructor Supplement)The Instructor Supplement contains the Lab Solutions and is available for  “faculty only”, i.e. will require Faculty Connection membership to download.

Azure Lab:

Azure and Win Phone:

Web Scale Data-Management w/Cloud: 

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