SharePoint 2010 Webcast Invitation: Course Catalog 1/27 4PM

Join us for this webcast to discover how the University of Florida’s Registrar’s Office and B2B Technologies leveraged the business process automation and content management capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 to dramatically reduce the time and effort required to update the course catalog.  We will demonstrate the custom workflow designed to facilitate contributions from various users while enforcing role-based permissions and providing a structured approval process.  We will also discuss the taxonomy employed to organize all course catalog content into a single, shared repository to simplify maintaining the content while allowing it to easily be repurposed for print or other uses.

University of Florida – Case Background
Until recently, the University of Florida, like many colleges and universities, relied on a highly manual and loosely structured approach to maintaining and publishing annual updates to their undergraduate course catalog.  In the past, colleges and numerous departments used Word documents to propose changes to courses, graduation requirements, academic policies and other items.  These updates were then collected and consolidated by email.  This approach which led to redundant effort and data, was arduous and time-consuming.

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