World Series of Innovation for K12 Students

Microsoft is pleased to present the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship's World Series of Innovation: a fun, experiential classroom activity that allows students to think creatively and invent new products that address every-day opportunities.

Groups of at least five students and their teachers or program leaders will pick at least one of five innovation challenges and come up with a new, unique, innovative product or service to address that market niche.  Show us how the product or service will impact people's lives on a day to day basis, and how you will get the word out about your great new innovation.

Microsoft is issuing a challenge for students to create mobile phone apps and games that raise awareness and provide solutions for common student and school issues.  Microsoft will provide the winning teams with a development partner to take the idea and bring it to market.

For more information about NFTE’s World Series of Innovation, visit  In addition, you Microsoft account manager can provide a number of tools and resources to help you launch the World Series of Innovation in your school. 

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