New SharePoint 2010 templates for Class and Study Group

These templates are super cool:

Teachers at your school can use the class site template to:

  • Add class assignments like homework, quizzes, and exams
  • Add new course materials like study guides and a course syllabus
  • Add class announcements
  • Add assignment due dates to the class calendar
  • Participate in student discussions
  • Check on assignments submitted by students
  • Add links to external sites that enhance classroom learning

After the class site is created, teachers can add students to the class site
and see a list of enrolled students.

Students can use the study group template to:

  • Track deadlines and meeting dates
  • Share documents with other students in the study group
  • Participate in study group discussions
  • Assign work to study group members
  • Add links to external sites
Comments (2)

  1. JHerschel says:

    I tried installing these on 2 of our farms and the site does not show up when trying to create a new site (web).  Anybody know of anything I might be missing?

  2. Stupid question – are you running SharePoint 2010?

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