Play Ribbon Hero And Get Better At Your Job?

Office Labs has created a second version of Ribbon Hero: a game that teaches the Office UI and specific Office features by having users solves challenges in four applications -- Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.  Office becomes more valuable when you are able to take advantage of a fuller feature set to get their work done better and more quickly.  By showing users Office features in the context of the Ribbon Hero 2 game, we hope to give them a safe and fun environment where they can experiment with new functionality and build their confidence in exploring on their own.  Novice and expert Office users alike can install Ribbon Hero 2, play challenges, and learn something new!

Ribbon Hero has benefits over more traditional training: it’s fun, free, and can be completed at the user’s own pace. Many organization have moved to using games for training, because they’ve found training through games can significantly increases success. UPS, for example, transitioned portions of their more formal driver training program to a game, and the failure rate dropped from 30% to 10%*. And with an average game player age of 34, and 33% of all gamers being women over 18, games are appealing to a broad range of groups*.

Ribbon Hero is a fun, lightweight game that delights users when they discover something new – did you know that you could copy text from a picture in OneNote or convert a table to text with just one click in Word? Learn more and download the game at

* Source: The Entertainment Software Association,

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