Make your PowerPoint presentations interactive – Download Mouse Mischief today!

Today we are making available for download a new free add-in for PowerPoint that enables multiple students to interact with a PowerPoint presentation using just a mouse.  It is called Mouse Mischief.


Mouse Mischief is a solution that lets teachers create interactive presentations making classroom learning more engaging.  Mouse Mischief integrates with PowerPoint, allowing teachers to create multiple-choice, matching and drawing question slides that students, each with their own mouse, can answer on a shared screen.   It’s available today to download free of charge—find it at the Mouse Mischief website.


·         See the video of Mouse Mischief in action here! 


·         Begin to create your own interactive presentations today, see sample lesson ideas, templates and how-to’s to get started.


·         Follow @MouseMischief on Twitter for a chance to win a Mischief Classroom Kit.


We know this will be an amazing way to engage your students!

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