Announcing Technology-Academics-Policy (TAP)

Last week Microsoft launched Technology–Academics–Policy (TAP), a “virtual think tank” that we hope will provide a vibrant online forum for leading academics to advance dialogue on pivotal technology and innovation policy.


The TAP Web site – www.techpolicy.comis dedicated to spurring public debate on key technology, innovation and public policy matters.  The site features original research from pre-eminent experts and scholars addressing  a variety of U.S. public policy issues.   TAP is not only a clearinghouse of ideas and research, but also a place for the media and policy makers to find experts on a broad swath of issues. TAP’s areas of focus includes topics hotly debated on Capitol Hill, such as technology’s impact on economic growth, as well as emotionally-charged issues such as privacy and security in a Web 2.0 world.


TAP features the work of more than 80 scholars from some of the country’s leading academic institutions, including the University of California at Berkeley, University of Chicago, University of Colorado, George Washington University, Harvard University, Northwestern University, the University of Pennsylvania and Stanford University.


The goal of the site is to encourage thoughtful work and feature leading voices in the field, not just people who agree with us. The research featured here is directly managed by the academics and institutions and the Web site does not edit, censor or restrict their views in any way.


As it launches, the TAP Web site contains:

o   360 one-page summaries of key academic works, including a brief synopsis of each article’s policy relevance.

o   Biographies and sortable research from more than 80 featured academics.

o   A media page with quotes from featured academics  in the news, as well as  press releases from affiliated institutions.

o   An academic events calendar, sortable by topic.

To promote sharing of ideas and research, the site includes a blog that will feature guest bloggers, highlight new research and promote notable academic events.  In addition, we will have a Twitter feed (#TAPolicy), a YouTube channel, a Facebook page and a group on LinkedIn.


Microsoft respects academic freedom and is dedicated to advancing the dialogue on issues affecting the global IT industry, economies and society. We believe will greatly assist that effort.


 For more information or to provide feedback on the site, leave us a comment or contact

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