New Live@Edu Resource For Customers – Custom Landing Page Kit

As a follow-up to the “Students. Yes!” Live@Edu campaign, we’ve added a great new resource to build awareness among students of the many great benefits of Live@Edu.  Available today is a “microsite” html template kit with images and html files to easily deploy a customizable webpage to educate their students.  Check out what Barry University has done with their Live@Edu email landing page (  The the full featured page is staged at (ID: LiveAtEduStage Password: St@ging).  

The html template files can be downloaded from a FTP site here:


1.       We have included 2 email service icons in the “features” icons carousel. There is one for Hotmail and one for Outlook Live. The university can use the appropriate one for their situation. By default we’re showing the Outlook Live one because that should be more popular for most markets.

2.       The URLs for “learning more” are placeholder based on the Barry University links. A lot of these pointed to the school’s login for Windows Live services such as Spaces, Photo Gallery, etc. You will need to update these links with their own URLs. The same is true for the Email login and first time user Email help buttons in the page headers. Their links will need to be updated.

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