Distributing Office to students

With so many schools signing up for NERCOMP and other site licenses, we have been fielding lots of questions about how to get the goods in student’s grubby little hands.

The first post in this vein is the Microsoft Office System. 

First, you can always order student media kits.  Student media kits are nice since students get individual keyed media.  Graduating students can leave with a perpetual license to the current version and physical media to install/reinstall.  The downside is the small incremental cost for the media itself.

What about providing a secure download location?  Absolutely, as long as the network location requires authentication to validate eligible campus users.   Note: this only applies to software that uses a VL key and not activation (like Office).

Below is a very rudimentary cookbook for making Office available and specific article for PC and Mac versions.  Your Volume License Key will be imbedded in the install source and negates the need to provide VL keys to end-users.

- Create a network share and lock it down for authenticated users only

- Copy the DVD to the share

- Instruct users to connect to the share and run setup

Preparing to deploy the 2007 Office system


Office 2008 Mac Deployment



Distributing software for Work at Home rights and Student Option



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