IE8 RTW very soon

IE8 is going to release to the web very soon.  It wil not come down via Windows Update for several weeks.  Just like IE7 there is a blocker toolkit for when it does.  Contact matthic for more information.

IE8 launch is coming soon. Get your public site ready today.


Windows® Internet Explorer® 8 is Microsoft’s latest web browser, currently available as a release candidate. Unlike previous versions of our web browser, Internet Explorer 8 renders content in the most standards-compliant way possible.  This means that web pages will be displayed in Internet Explorer 8’s standards mode by default. This decision was driven by Microsoft’s Interoperability Principles and their goal of helping developers in the long-run, by allowing them to write one set of code to run on all platforms.


Please check to see if your public website is compatible with IE8.

If not compatible, we recommend for you to refer to the following actions and be ready for the launch of IE 8.




·         Preferred: Revise site content to support the standards-compliant default view for web pages in  Internet Explorer 8


Internet Explorer 8 supports the HTML 4.01 Specification more closely than any previous version and supports some features of the HTML 5 Specification. This release of Internet Explorer also offers full support for CSS 2.1 and supports some popular features of CSS 3.0.


For more information, please see


·         Alternative: Tell Internet Explorer 8 to display your site in Internet Explorer 7 mode


1)       On a per-site basis, add the HTTP header:  X-UA-Compatible: IE=EmulateIE7


2)       On a per-page basis, add a special HTML tag to each document, right after the <title> tag (and before any other tags following <title>): <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=EmulateIE7" />


For more information, please see


IE Compatibility Center:

IE8 home page:

Internet Explorer Developer Center:

Blocker Toolkit:

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  1. IE8 is going to release to the web very soon. It wil not come down via Windows Update for several weeks

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