Identity Lifecycle Manager 2007 R2 LiveMeeting – 9/12 1:30

I've coordinated with Larry Gilreath the IDM expert on the STU to present a custom LiveMeeting for New England Higher Education Customers.  Please mail me for a detailed invite.  Thanks. 


The session will cover new features in Identity Lifecycle Manager v2 that is scheduled to be released first quarter of 2009.  The primary focus will be on leveraging ILMv2 to better manage applications that impact the classroom.  The session will include a demonstration on managing identities, covering:

1.)   Provisioning permissions to student applications

2.)   Extending provisioning to cloud services

3.)   Managing access for SharePoint Services

4.)   Password self-service

5.)   Group management & group self-service



Enabling comprehensive identity and access management in the enterprise, Identity Lifecycle Manager “2” delivers an integrated identity management solution across heterogeneous systems and serves audiences across IT professionals, end users, and developers. Current solutions don’t enable end users to manage their own identities. Instead the burden continues to be placed on manual IT and help desk driven processes.  ILM “2” provides powerful end user self-service capabilities via Office, and rich administrative tools and enhanced automation for IT professionals. In addition, ILM “2” is built on a .NET and WS-* based foundation for developers to build more customized and extensible solutions.

ILM “2” aligns the management environment to the systems and processes most appropriate to the IT professional’s or business user’s role within an organization. ILM “2” provides IT organizations with a policy and business process framework to manage user access, user accounts and credentials such as passwords, OTP devices and smart cards for both Windows and heterogeneous environments.

ILM “2” also provides powerful self-service capabilities for end users that increase productivity by integrating common self-service tasks such as group and credential management via Microsoft Office and Windows.

For organizations that want or need a more customized approach, ILM “2” is built on a common set of services that include workflow, Web services APIs, and logging functionality. These services can be extended by organizations to customize the functionality of ILM “2” to meet their specific needs.

For more detailed information, visit the ILM “2” Beta 3 page.

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  1. I've coordinated with Larry Gilreath the IDM expert on the STU to present a custom LiveMeeting for

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