Application and Server Virtualization Solution Accelerator

This is an exciting release for the Solution Accelerators Team. The concept of the Infrastructure Planning and Design (IPD) series is to distill down to the core decisions required for planning and designing the IT infrastructures necessary to support business services. The first wave of released guidance introduces the series and focuses on new virtualization technologies from Microsoft, including SoftGrid Application Virtualization and Windows Server Virtualization in Windows Server 2008.

The Infrastructure Planning and Design series is an evolution of Windows Server System™ Reference Architecture. The guides in this series help clarify and streamline design processes for Microsoft infrastructure technologies; each guide addresses a unique infrastructure technology or scenario. All guides share a common structure including:
• Definition of the technical decision flow through the planning process.
• Listing of decisions to be made and the commonly available options and considerations.
• Relating the decisions and options to the business in terms of cost, complexity, and other characteristics.
• Framing decisions in terms of additional questions to the business to ensure a comprehensive alignment with the appropriate business landscape.

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