Education Webcasts Nov 6th – The New World of Higher Learning

As part of Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to help students, faculty and administrators realize their full potential, the Microsoft Education team is hosting a series of webcasts designed to address the specific needs of colleges and universities.  Please join us for the following sessions to discover how Microsoft technologies can help enhance learning experiences while increasing productivity and operational efficiency.  


The following sessions are being offered on November 6th


November 6th - 9:00 am to 10:00 am EST


Monitoring & Maintaining Infrastructure Health in Higher Education


With numerous mission critical servers and applications distributed across multiple locations, maintaining core infrastructure in Higher Education traditionally means unacceptable downtime, inefficient use of IT resources, and an unfavorable user experience.   Learn how the System Center suite of tools enables a proactive approach to system maintenance.  With real-time monitoring of Microsoft and non-Microsoft servers and tools to automate routine tasks, System Center helps IT reduce costs and increase efficiencies.


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Event ID: 1032357202


November 6th - 10:30 am to 11:30 am EST


Survive Your Next Audit: End-to-End Records Management with the 2007 Office System


Increased government oversight of regulatory compliance and recent examples of compromised data at major universities places policy enforcement and content management high on the priority list.   With a comprehensive set of access and information management features, integrated across both servers and client software, Microsoft technologies provide the necessary tools to enforce compliance and policy while maintaining a flexible and familiar environment for users.  During this session, we will examine the document management and compliance capabilities of Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.


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Event ID: 1032357198


November 6th - 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm EST


Data Continuity in Higher Education


Management of information is key to the success of any organization, and the results of lost data can range from reduced productivity to legal repercussions.  In this session, attendees will discover how Microsoft's System Center Data Protection Manager enables the implementation of a backup strategy designed to meet the unique needs of the institution.


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Event ID: 1032357200



November 6th - 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm EST


Deputize Your Network: Virus & Spam Protection in Higher Education


As students and faculty become more mobile and increasingly dependent on the campus network, the threat of viruses and Spam increases.   To provide adequate defense, the client, network edge and application servers must all be protected.  Operating without a comprehensive and integrated solution means managing numerous disconnected security products, resulting in a complex and costly environment.  During this session, learn how Microsoft Forefront technologies and Exchange provide an integrated approach to virus and spam protection resulting in greater protection and simplified management.


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Event ID: 1032357199

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