Microsoft Education Webcast series – Online Services 9/20

Technology is changing very rapidly, and the solutions available
to assist you and your school are changing too. Have you ever felt challenged to stay ahead of the offerings curve? This series is designed to assist you in staying updated on the offerings and opportunities available to you from Microsoft and how you can leverage them in your school to save money and to recapture
what we are all looking for in Education—TIME. Please take a few
moments of your month to attend these brief and informative sessions.

Live Services for Your Institution:
The Services Transformation in Education—
Microsoft’s Roadmap

“Today, arguably the most significant crosscutting issue that’s
facing not just Microsoft but our industry is this transformation
toward services.” (Ray Ozzie, Chief Software Architect, Microsoft)
The move towards services is also a significant trend in Education Information Technology. Education institutions and organizations worldwide are hosting e-mail and a suite of Web-based services
on the Microsoft Windows Live platform. This session presents an overview of the Windows Live @ edu services portfolio and
offerings and provides an up to date view of Microsoft’s services roadmap. Topics include hosted e-mail, social networking, collaboration, and an overview of the Windows and Office Live platforms from Microsoft.
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