Your Laptop Data Is At Risk – Data Encryption Toolkit for Mobile PCs

You've seen the headlines. Mobile PCs are easy targets for theft. And news stories are appearing with increasing regularity about companies whose employees have either misplaced their mobile PCs, or had them stolen – laptops filled with sensitive employee or customer information. Losing confidential data can cost your customers hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost business, and a damaged reputation.

The Data Encryption Toolkit for Mobile PCs – which is being released in phases – provides tested guidance and powerful tools to help customers protect their organizations’ most vulnerable data.  The strategies outlined in the Toolkit are easy to deploy, and show customers how to optimize two key encryption technologies already available to them in Microsoft® Windows® XP or Windows Vista™:  the Encrypting File System (EFS) and Microsoft BitLocker™ Drive Encryption (BitLocker). 

The Toolkit consists of four components. The Executive Overview and Security Analysis documents are available now. The Planning and Implementation Guide and the EFS Assistant will be released later in the first half of 2007. 

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