Increased security procedures for MAK/KMS Key Blocks, Reissue, or Significant activation increases

Microsoft is adding an additional check to certain requests concerning Volume Activation 2.0.  This is in response to the request to have more institutional/organizational visibility for the key block/reissue requests that are occurring for the Windows Vista MAK/KMS scenarios.


Background:  Requests for a Windows Vista MAK or KMS key activation block, or key reissue, or a request for a significant MAK or KMS activation allowance increase are sent into either or  The customer usually would have called the product activation center prior to this email being sent, as part of the process 


Increased Institutional Visibility going forward:

               After receiving the request, the Microsoft administrator for the KMSADD & MAKADD email aliases will research who is the "notices contact" that was designated by the company/institution on the enrollment that is in question. This look up will not be done by the Activation Call Centers.  There is a unique link between the key issued and the institution‘s enrollment.

               The designated "notices contact" on the enrollment will be sent an email, and a copy sent to the current requestor, seeking approval for the block/reissue/increase-of-activations request.

               Once we have received approval from the "Notices contact" Microsoft will only then begin the key block, key reissue, or process a large activation request.  The request process will not begin until the 'notices contact' acknowledges and approves.


Items to Note:

1.    We are making this procedural improvement for key block/reissue/increased-activations for Windows Vista, and the coming Windows Server Longhorn.

2.    With increased diligence on the part of the and team, it will be important for the account to ensure that the designated 'notices contact' email account is up to date and monitored. 

3.    MAK activation amounts for the key (allocated/remaining) can be found on the online portals (MVLS/eOpen) and by using the Volume Activation Management Tool. If the existing MAK activation limits are not adequate customers can go through the process of calling the Activation Call Center and request an increase. Incremental activation amounts of up to 50% additional activations from initial allocation can be added to the MAK during the first call with the specialist, without going through the aliases. The Activation Call Center is trained to help the customer through the MAK exception process.


Other issues:

Microsoft understands that there are other process areas that we can improve to better serve the needs of our corporate and institutional customers, and specifically in managing the systems that supply volume licensing keys and other services.  We will communicate new improvements as they occur.


Thank you being a Microsoft customer, and for your feedback to improve the programs.

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