Office 2007 – Excel 2007 focus

Excel 2007 key new stuff:


For BDMs:

§  Better decision making using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  Extended conditional formatting which includes (new!) data bars, icon sets, and heat maps for better analysis of your corporate data.

§  Intellisense for Excel formulas. Reduce typing errors and improve productivity through (new!) Intellisense for Excel formulas.


For IT:

§  Get control of your spreadsheets. Comply with regulatory demands and manage proliferating spreadsheet data via (new!) server-side publishing, calculation, and rendering with Excel Services and Excel Web Access.

§  Support for large workbooks. Excel is up to the job of supporting the most demanding tasks by supporting 1,000,000 rows by 16,000 columns – that’s over a billion cells per worksheet and 4.3 trillion cells per Excel file!


For Developers:

§  XML-based file formats.  Work directly with underlying Excel data using the (new!) XML-based file formats. Since the format is open and XML-based, it has never been easier to extract or insert data, or to reformat your sheets using styles!

§  Rich Server-based solutions. Excel Services adds (new!) server-based APIs for building rich, server-based solutions on top of Excel and SharePoint.

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