Internet Explorer 7 Readiness Toolkit

Get ready for Internet Explorer 7 TODAY with our new Internet Explorer 7 Readiness Toolkit.
Internet Explorer Beta 2 is quickly approaching and when released, will used by MILLIONS of users world wide.  Are your sites, extensions, and applications ready?

Internet Explorer 7 is highly compatible with the sites, extensions, and applications out there today and we have made significant improvements in security, rendering, and usability.  Some of these improvements and new features may cause some sites to not render properly or change how the user interacts with your site, extension or application.  We continue to identify compatibility issues and work with external companies on resolutions to ensure their products work great with Internet Explorer 7 but we encourage you to test out your sites, extensions and applications as well.The Internet Explorer 7 Readiness Toolkit provides an easy way for any audience that is involved in the development, test or support of web sites, extensions, and/or applications prepare for Internet Explorer 7.  This Readiness Toolkit was previewed at MIX06 in March 2006 where it received great reviews and provides the following:
• Pointer to the latest publicly available build of Internet Explorer 7.
• Developer Checklist of new features and changes that application and web developers should be aware of.
• Testing guidance and tips for isolating and identifying a particular compatibility problem.
• Tools for development and testing.
• Links to resources, technical articles and helpful blog posts.
• Various methods to provide feedback to Microsoft.

Help ensure your sites, extensions, and applications are compatible with Internet Explorer 7 by testing Internet Explorer 7 today and utilizing the Readiness Toolkit to help you identify and resolve any compatibility issues that you find.  If you have any questions or feedback about the Readiness Toolkit, please email  If you have feedback about Internet Explorer 7, please see the Provide Feedback link in the toolkit for links and information.

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