Announcing Microsoft Dynamics Certified Software Advisor Incentive Policy and Program Changes

Microsoft Dynamics is pleased to announce the following changes to the Certified Software Advisor Incentive program as outlined in the following documents:

The main areas impacted are:

  • Training Pack Annual Requirement – effective July 2014 MBS is launching enhancements to the Readiness Partner Program aimed at transforming the readiness experience for Microsoft Dynamics partners. Go to PartnerSource or Training Pack for further information.
  • Public Sector Revenue Eligibility Guidelines – effective July 1st, 2014 the CSA program will provide payments and revenue recognition for claims on public sector customers ONLY if those customers are located in countries on the CSA Approved Public Sector Country List (available at the hyperlink).  For more information click here.
  • CSA Incentive Program Exam Requirements Changes – effective January 1st, 2015. As part of the annual update to the CSA program, changes to the program’s exam requirements are in store, driven by new product versions and      accompanying exams (now available) and Microsoft’s goal to have Dynamics partners certified on the most current product version.  To learn more, refer to the CSA Guide for On-Premise Solutions or visit the Exam Requirements – What’s Coming page. 

 There are also new policies regarding:

Claim Payment Forfeiture Timelines - Microsoft makes every attempt to contact you regarding any issues related to, or preventing you from receiving your incentive payments.  As part of the regular monthly payment cycle, Microsoft will inform all partners who are missing portions of the required payment documentation – e.g., tax forms, bank details and/or invoices – before the payment cycle is complete. The best way to ensure the correct person in your organization is receiving these communications is to assign a member of your team as a Partner Incentive Manager in VOICE.

If the required information is received by Microsoft in time for the monthly disbursement payment will be released the same month. If the required information is received after the disbursement date, the payment will be included in the following months’ payment cycle.

For partners who fail to submit the required information, Microsoft will make incremental further follow ups for up to 3 times within 180 days post the initial notification. If the required documents are not received by Microsoft within the 180 day post the initial notification, the pending CSA Incentive payment will be deemed forfeited and no further notification will be sent to the partner.

Partner Claim Query Timelines - Partners who find a CSA incentive that may not have been processed according to the terms of Microsoft Dynamics Certified Software Advisor Incentive Schedule (located here) may ask for a review within the 90 days following the CSA Incentive Claim Date.

Please refer to the links provided to help you understand and implement these updates,but if you should have any questions please contact your Regional Operations Centre. 

Regards, Global Operations Readiness

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