Ny opdatering af Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 – Springwave er i luften

Microsoft Danmark har sendt en pressemeddelelse ud, at Microsoft Dynmaics CRM Springwave er lanceret.

Here are the three most salient points about what we have delivered over the course of this wave: 

1. Marketers need to be able to plan and execute complex, multi-channel campaigns and today the tools they use to do that are fragmented leaving them unable to quantify their impact and leaving their customers with an equally fragmented experience.  For them we are delivering Microsoft Dynamics Marketing -- a comprehensive solution that enables marketers to easily create multi-channel, multi-stage campaigns, deliver qualified leads to sales,
and most importantly demonstrate their impact so they can prove the value of every dollar they spend.

 2. Customer service departments are being tasked to do much more than resolve issues, they are the front lines who need to help groom advocates for their brand.  For them we are delivering Microsoft Dynamics CRM +
enabling businesses to foster customer loyalty by engaging their customers where and how they want to be engaged with the information needed to resolve their issues quickly.

3. Lastly, in this wildly social world we are empowering every member of an organization to listen to the voices that matter most to them.  Microsoft Social Listening enables your people to tap into the social
conversation—marketers can understand how people are responding to your brand, sellers can listen for buying signals from their prospects and your service agents can respond to your customers in real-time. 

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