Bannere til AX 2012 R3 Online launch 10. april. Læg det på jeres hjemmeside

Hvis du vil have dine AX-kunder eller -prospects registreret på den danske URL for AX 2012 R3 Online launchen den 10. april kl. 16-17, så læg dette link ind på banneret:

Du kan også få din helt egen URL for at tracke, hvem der melder sig til hos jer. Så skal du gøre sådan her:

Below you’ll find the guidance to take advantage of the existing tools and resources that we are providing for your company to successfully promote the Online Event schedule for April 10th. Your Company will be able to get the following to use in marketing the launch:

  • Unique registration URL. This will let your company to invite your existing and prospective customers and leverage your unique URL to track attendance and Registration
  • Request your own unique Registration URL code by emailing
    • Use your Unique URL in your invitations and advertising of the event to enable you to track the registrations for the event (the link to track registrations will be sent to you with your unique URL)
    • Download the Online Experience Event marketing assets from the AX R3 Launch Page on PartnerSource here
    • Make sure you embed your Unique registration URL code into the web banners and the email invites that you use to drive registrations. Use the date & time based on your time zone and adjust to your country time.
    • Drive as many registrations pre-April 10th as possible, use our timeline below to provide you with a communications plan
    • IDEA: why not incentivise your salespeople on the number of their prospects who attend the session?
    • The top 3 partners worldwide who drive 500+ attendees to the online experience event will be rewarded with an exclusive Grand Prix experience at a location TBD in 2014.
  • Track Registration: Using your provided URL/Code, you’ll be able to track registration prior to the event and attendance after the event took place.

Log on to PartnerSource to get the AX R3 Partner Guidance document to get all the details.

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