Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Application Integration Framework Benchmark

In June 2008, Microsoft Corporation conducted the Microsoft Dynamics® AX 2009 Application Integration Framework (AIF) benchmark to measure the performance and scalability characteristics of Microsoft Dynamics® AX 2009 in a simulated distribution scenario.  This benchmark exercised core Accounts Receivables scenario involving sales order creation thru AIF and invoicing of sales orders thru batch jobs.  It also exercised core General Ledger scenario involving journal creation thru AIF and posting of journals thru batch jobs. The scenarios generated load on Application Object Server (AOS)—in this benchmark, each AOS instance was hosted on a separate server.  In a Microsoft Dynamics® AX system, the AOS processes business logic in communication with clients and the database; the database server provides data to the AOS.


The AOS servers were divided into two groups:  one for running AIF batch jobs and another group for running invoicing batch jobs.  The benchmark showcased 420,000+ sales lines invoiced in an hour across the AOS Servers with SQL server utilization around 80%.  The second scenario of GL Creation and Posting on the benchmark showcased 610,000+ journal lines posted in an hour with SQL server utilization around 68%.


Both Scenarios showcase Application Integration Framework (AIF) creating documents with Document Posting (GL and Sales Orders) being run concurrently.


There are two report versions from this Benchmark – A Summary and a Detailed Report available for download:

- Microsoft Dynamics AX AIF Benchmark Summary

- Microsoft Dynamics AX AIF Benchmark Detail



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