Hosted CRM 4.0 Trial Site – Now Available

Shorten the sales cycle for you and your partners with the NEW 4.0 version of the Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM Trial Site*!

Previously in pilot, the Hosted CRM Trial Site is now widely available; powering FREE 60-day TRIALS for anyone who wants to evaluate the product prior to a purchase.

What’s DIFFERENT about the Hosted CRM Trial Site?

  • The URL has changed! Whether you’re already using it or referring the site to someone, direct them to (The former URL for the site,, will be maintained for several months until it is officially retired in Q2.)

  • The updated trial site leverages the multi-tenancy capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0.  

  • New features to experience:

    • The trial instance is an organizational level deployment with administrative permissions. This means that each trial user has full access and control over their trial organization to add users and share the CRM product with others. In the previous version, the trial instance was provisioned as a business unit thus permissions were limited.

    • A trial instance can be localized in the user’s language of choice – the product is available in 25 languages (including English). Users worldwide can now experience their CRM trial the same way they’ll consume it!

    • Trial users can now change and reset their passwords without the involvement of Trial Support.

    • Enhanced reporting for regional Microsoft trial site administrators enables them to analyze trial subscriptions by country and region.


With these improvements, one capability that is not supported is Outlook integration into the trial environment. Although Outlook integration is a very compelling feature of CRM, the effort to support such an experience in a trial deployment would have presented significant support challenges given the unknown state of each user’s PC/laptop configuration, OS, software, settings, etc. Proof of concept deployments specific to a customer or VPCs are effective alternatives to showcase this integration.


*Note: The Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM Trial Site, while hosted by Microsoft, IS NOT Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. The CRM Trial Site is a distinct implementation available for trial purposes only, available to worldwide prospects, Field and Partners.

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