Announcing Global Volume Agreement (GVA) & Potential Impact to your SPA Partner Discount

After concluding a 9 month pilot gathering customer and partner feedback, Microsoft Business Solutions is announcing the worldwide availability of Global Volume Agreements (GVA).  GVA provides a framework for custom Terms and Conditions offered by Microsoft, to address the following scenarios:

- Customers willing to purchase a minimum of 161 BRL users over a 3-year period 

- Customers with large Microsoft IT spend that are looking for a similar volume licensing-oriented agreement for their ERP purchases

- Customers who have phased deployment schedules that want to negotiate based on all their forecasted deployments

- Customers who are looking for a strategic relationship directly with Microsoft, and the ability to choose the right partner at the right time


Global Volume Agreement (GVA) offers value to large customers who plan to purchase and deploy Microsoft Dynamics™ GP, Microsoft Dynamics™ SL, Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV, or Microsoft Dynamics™ AX solutions on a multisite, multinational basis spread over a number of years. These customers can get a lower per user list price based on volume by forecasting their purchase volume over a 3 year period. They must forecast a minimum of 161 BRL users to be eligible (a minimum upfront purchase of 25% of forecast is required on the initial order) and must meet annual purchase commitments in order to continue to enjoy the pricing benefits of GVA. 


We estimate that GVA will only be applicable for the top 10% of all BRL opportunities.  As a result, we are not offering GVA broadly and Partners cannot offer GVA pricing without a Microsoft PAM or SSP engaged on the opportunity.  Please work with your PAM or SSP to determine if your customer is eligible for GVA.  We recommend the BRL Multi-Site Agreement as a starting point for any discussion with a large multisite customer.  To learn more about Multi-Site Agreements, please refer to PartnerSource


Engaging in and selling a Global Volume Agreement (GVA) to a customer may have an impact to your Partner Discount as defined in the Solution Provider Agreement (SPA), the associated SPA Guide and Discount Schedule.  Except for opportunities already agreed to during the pilot phase, any GVA deals that are closed after June 1, 2008 will be subject to a variable SPA partner discount.  Partners will receive their standard SPA discount on the first 100 user licenses and any AME modules a customer purchases on the initial order.  For all users in excess of the first 100 on the initial order, and all subsequent license purchases by the customer during the term of the customer’s GVA, the selling partner will receive their standard SPA discount or 40%, whichever is lower. GVA revenue applies toward the partner’s 12-month roll. Business Ready Enhancement sold with GVA will receive the standard SPA partner discount.   


If you have a GVA customer opportunity please review the Partner FAQ (link below), and contact your PAM for assistance. If you would like to provide feedback, please send an email to

More information can be found here:


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