Microsoft Cloud Heroes

We started a new series called Microsoft Cloud Heroes, where we feature customers and partners who do cool stuff in our Cloud. Our first case is a solution built by Infosystem AG for the Ei AG. This solution basically runs the whole demand planning (supply chain management) to ensure that the right amount of eggs is available to the retailer at the right time.
We all know, how important eggs are in our culture. Moreover, I learned that the peak season is not only Easter but also Christmas, because everyone is baking cookies.

At the very beginning of the supply chain, we have the company who imports the parent animals that will produce the eggs, which will then go to a breeder. After 3 weeks, it’s clear which eggs have chicks inside or not. This step is important because not every chick is a hen. Once born, they’re carefully watched as they grow for the coming 18 weeks. Once they are ready to lay eggs, the hens are delivered to farmers, where they will lay eggs for one year straight. These eggs, around 500’000/day, are delivered to the Ei AG where they get tested for various quality aspects, in order to ensure that only good and healthy eggs land in retail.

All these measures allow an end-to-end quality control, more specifically on how chickens are bred, how they are fed, as well as the impact on the final product. As you can imagine, theses aspects are super business critical as the handling of eggs is time-sensitive and nothing can go wrong. Otherwise, the eggs must be thrown out due to health concerns for the consumer. But I’ve said enough, check out the video.

If you believe you know a story that should be featured as a Cloud Hero, please reach out to me via Twitter @thedavekurth and nominate the case.

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