Switzerland Tech Event Highlights, Spring 2017

Spring 2017 is just around the corner and there are a lot of great Microsoft technology events planned in Switzerland of which I want to highlight a few.

The Visual Studio 2017 Roadshow takes place at Microsoft in Wallisellen on March 23 and in Vernier on March 29 where Marc Müller, Principal Consultant at 4tecture GmbH and Microsoft MVP will introduce the latest news in Visual Studio 2017.

On April 22 the «Azure Zurich User Group» together with the «Azure Cloud User Group Switzerland» are hosting the Global Azure Bootcamp Zürich 2017 at Microsoft in Wallisellen. This is a “local community event on a global scale", user groups from all over the world will host the Global Azure Bootcamp for the fifth time on the exact same day for a full day of deep dive training on Microsoft Azure.

April 24 brings us the HoloLens event at Guild42.ch in Bern where Reto Grob, Principal Software Architect at Netcetera will introduce the technology and show some of their great projects including personal demos of the HoloLens device for participants.

May 23 is .NETDAY! A community organized conference on the latest .NET technology, including .NET Core, ASP.NET Core, Angular, Azure and much more. The conference has a great lineup of speakers and a very interesting agenda!

All these events are free to attend!

There are many more, cool events upcoming, all listed on our tech event calendar. Remember that if we are missing an event that you organize, you are looking for our help organizing a Microsoft technology related meetup or want us to help you find a meetup to speak at, please let us know through our Meetup service!

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  1. Der HoloLens Event ist fälschlicherweise auf Guild42 im 2016 angesiedelt. (Kann dort keinen Kommentar posten)

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