We Are Happy to Announce the New “Swiss Microsoft Meetup Service”

The service can be found at http://aka.ms/chtechmeetup and helps local Microsoft Technology Meetups and Speakers.

We started the service to help support local, Swiss meetup groups that organize interesting events on Microsoft technologies. We help find speakers on a specific topic, assist in organizing a venue to host a meetup and can even provide Subway lunches or dinners to participants.

Of course, we are happy to help promote Microsoft technology-related meetups, events, get-togethers or conferences in our social networks and on our event page http://aka.ms/chtechevents. The event calendar is also featured in our bi-weekly newsletter Microsoft Switzerland Newsletter for Techies that reaches over 20’000 readers in Switzerland. Let us know if your event is missing at chnetcom@microsoft.com.

To potential speakers, who would like to share their know-how or showcase their cool project, we can help you find and get in touch with a relevant meetup group.

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