Meet Microsoft Teams

We very recently announced the preview of Microsoft Teams, the new chat-based workspace in Office 365 that brings together people, conversations, content and the tools that teams need, in order to easily collaborate and achieve more.

We are also introducing the Microsoft Teams Developer Preview, allowing you to integrate and showcase your offering on the Microsoft Teams Platform, whether it’s a custom app for your enterprise or a cloud-based service for everyone to use.

You can create Tabs that surface your web experience directly within Teams, so people can instantly access your service in the right context, and collaborate around its content. You can write Bots that surface your experience in chat and teams can engage with your service via queries and quick actions. For more information on Bots please visit our Bot Framework Developer Portal. You can also send Connector notifications in channels so teams can easily get updates from your service. Details on these extension options can be found in the Microsoft Teams Developer Preview announcement.

Many have eagerly waited for better chat integration in Team Services. Starting today, Team Services users can stay up to date with alerts for work items, pull requests, commits, and builds using the Connectors within Microsoft Teams. Each Connector event is its own conversation, allowing users to be notified of events they care about and discuss them with their team.

We are also bringing the Team Services Kanban boards right into Microsoft Teams, allowing your team to track and create new work items without leaving your team’s channel. Each board also comes with its own conversation.


Get started today by going to the Microsoft Teams Developer portal and by signing up here to stay up-to-date with the Microsoft Teams Developer Platform.

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