Windows Server 2016 – Server technology at the next level with containers.

Since IT Security is experiencing a general upturn, the DevOps divisions are particularly challenged to find new methods for providing a higher level of security, without creating additional operational expense.

Container technology provides the needed options and Docker Integration for the desired simplification and automation. With the recently announced Windows Server 2016 and Hyper-V containers, you also get an expanded isolation level, which is often demanded for individual applications from the business perspective. The Docker module (Docker Engine) and the Docker Client are not included in the distributed Windows Server 2016 images and require manual installation of the corresponding software packages. Container support is activated by the Windows Server 2016 by issuing the PowerShell command "Install-WindowsFeature containers". After rebooting the system, the corresponding Docker Modules are installed and you can create your first Container applications under Windows Server 2016.

When creating such containers with the new Nano Server Feature from Windows Server 2016, it is recommended that you optimize the container size. By reducing the size of the OS runtime environment, the footprint for known security gaps is of course also minimized.

Under GitHub, there are many examples of various application frameworks such as ASP.NET, IIS, Appache, etc., as well as databases such as MongoDB, MySQL or even Games.

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