The Internet of Things – Start Your Own IoT!

The “Internet of Things”, or IoT, plays a fundamental role in digital innovation. Due to an extensive range of Microsoft Azure IoT services, IoT is becoming a tangible subject for companies of all sizes and in all branches.

Better connectivity, better-priced hardware and easily accessible cloud-based, intelligent services facilitate the interconnection of devices and sensors and make it possible to improve existing processes or implement new ones quickly and cost-effectively.

Microsoft Azure provides a comprehensive assortment of IoT services, such as Azure IoT Hub and Stream Analytics. Depending on the project, they can be combined individually and integrated cost-effectively. That means you have the freedom to connect existing or new devices and sensors, identify them uniquely and ensure bi-directional communication. The data can be analysed in real time, saved and visualised automatically in PowerBI or integrated into your business application.

To help companies get started with IoT more easily, Microsoft is offering the Azure IoT Suite. The Azure IoT Suite consolidates relevant Azure IoT Services and takes advantage of simplified billing and deployment. In the Suite, companies have access to finished applications for typical scenarios, such as remote surveillance and preventive maintenance. They enable simpler deployment, bundled network packages and pre-configured dashboards.

Start your Internet of Things project today. Further information:

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