The News from Xamarin Evolve

In the last week of April, the Xamarin Evolve 16 conference took place in Orlando, Florida. Here is a short summary of the top news that were announced.

There are two new ways to debug and test your iOS apps directly from within Visual Studio on Windows. Our iOS Simulator lets you simulate and interact with your iOS apps in Visual Studio — even supporting multi-touch interactions on Windows machines with capable touch screens. We also unveiled our iOS USB remoting, which makes it possible to deploy and debug apps from Visual Studio to an iPad or iPhone plugged into your Windows PC.

The out of the box Visual Studio Team Services tasks for building Xamarin apps and using Xamarin Test Cloud to help you get going quickly on continuous integration in the cloud have been improved. These features work for both Xamarin Android and iOS since Team Services can build, test, and deploy your Xamarin iOS apps via your own integrated Mac or a 3rd party cloud service like MacinCloud or MacStadium. You can even extend your CI workflow into continuous delivery using release management and the new HockeyApp and Google Play Team Services extensions.

The new Test Recorder Visual Studio Plugin brings Test Recorder’s ability to generate test scripts to Visual Studio users. Simply interact with your app on your device or in the simulator and Test Recorder automatically generates scripts that can be run on thousands of devices with Xamarin Test Clouds automated app testing.

Watch the recorded Xamarin Evolve 2016 keynote and select breakout sessions on Channel 9 to learn more.

Also note that during May, we are hosting a competition “Team Up and Win” where teams of developers can score points by watching online learning videos and compete with other teams to win cool prizes every week.

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