Welcome to the new and improved Azure Marketplace!

The Azure Marketplace is an online applications and services marketplace that enables start-ups and independent software vendors (ISVs) to offer their solutions to Azure customers around the world. It combines the different Microsoft Azure partner ecosystems into a single, unified platform to better serve our customers and partners by making it easier to search, purchase, and deploy a wide range of applications and services to Azure in just a few clicks. The new Azure Marketplace also combines the former Azure Store and Microsoft Azure Marketplace (Azure DataMarket).

The Azure Marketplace currently offers virtual machine images, virtual machine extensions, APIs, applications, Machine Learning services and data services. Currently, more than 3000 products can be found on the easily searchable Marketplace site.

The most interesting solutions however are the 300 Virtual Machines by our partners, configured and tuned to perfection for high-end production use. Examples are the images by Suse, Ubuntu, Oracle, and Veeam.

These Virtual Machines can be deployed at the click of a button. Simply select the image you want to use and click “Create Virtual Machine”. Log in to your Azure subscription where the VM deployment blade is automatically started for you.


Azure Marketplace is fully enabled for Switzerland, so Swiss customers can both sell and purchase services. For the safety of users, Microsoft rigidly tests the solutions submitted to the Azure Marketplace.

The Azure Marketplace is constantly being improved. Recent enhancements include:

· The possibility to deploy Multi-VMs, significantly reducing the time and resources required to deploy complex production level software, enabling and managing access to programmatic deployment of virtual machines with 3rd party Marketplace applications

· Developer Services that provide additional functionality beyond the Azure platform and make it easier for ISVs to integrate complex services in their applications.

· Docker Hub Integration, enabling Docker Container Apps to be published to the Marketplace.

If you are an ISV and are interested in publishing your application or service into the Azure Marketplace, visit the Marketplace Partner Program page to learn more.

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