Welcome, iOS, Android, Mac and Linux Developers!

On Wednesday, 29 April, at Build 2015 in San Francisco we announced a set of SDKs that will help developers on any platform build websites, apps and applications for any platform, and new Azure data services for intelligent applications; Visual Studio and .NET tools and runtimes for Windows, Mac and Linux; and APIs that enable developers to build rich apps with Office 365.



We showcased several new features in Windows 10, from new capabilities to scale applications across devices to new ways for developers to build code for Windows 10. Furthermore, we showed how developers can create a single app that scales across all Windows 10 devices, automatically adapting to different screen sizes. With the Universal Windows Platform, developers can tailor their apps to the unique capabilities of each device, integrate Cortana and Xbox Live into their apps, offer trusted commerce, create holograms, and publish their apps into the Windows Store.


The Windows Store will also offer a single unified experience for Windows 10 customers across devices and make finding great content easier than ever — across apps, games, music, video and other content.

We are welcoming all developers to the Universal Windows Platform: the four new software development toolkits will make it easy to bring code for the Web, .NET, Win32, iOS and Android to the Windows Store with minimal code modifications.


We unveiled Microsoft Edge, the new browser for Windows 10 (formerly known as Project Spartan) and provided news about HoloLens — the world’s first untethered holographic computer powered by Windows 10.

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We showed a preview of Azure SQL Database elastic database, which allow ISVs and software-as-a-service developers to pool capacity across thousands of databases, enabling them to benefit from efficient resource consumption and the best price and performance in the public cloud. To help developers manage massive datasets, Microsoft introduced Azure SQL Data Warehouse, the industry’s first enterprise-class cloud data warehouse as a service that can grow, shrink and pause in seconds. Microsoft also announced Azure Data Lake, an open and massively scalable data repository that supports petabyte-size files and provides high-speed integration with Azure HDInsight, Azure Machine Learning, Cloudera and Hortonworks to quickly derive insights from vast amounts of data.

And if you thought we forgot about office, well, we have not. We are introducing new ways for developers to reach 1.2 billion Office users, including the new Office Graph API, expanded add-in capabilities for the iPad and Outlook, and unified APIs.

Stay tuned, we are entering an exciting area!


Find an overview of the Build 2015 highlights in this video:

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Or watch the full stream here:

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