One-time chance to meet Joseph Sirosh, Corporate Vice President for Machine Learning, Microsoft

Connected, smart devices have become pervasive, from networked sensors embedded in everyday objects to wearables and smartphones, already outnumbering more traditional computing devices and set to surpass the 200 billion devices mark within a few years. Sending data to the cloud to be analyzed, they make up the base for the “Internet of Things” which will drastically change how enterprises can gain insights into all facets of their operations.

On February 26, 2015, Joseph Sirosh, Corporate Vice President, Machine Learning at Microsoft Corporation will be at our offices in Wallisellen and talk about our Machine Learning technologies, show live demos and give you the opportunity to have your questions answered personally. This is a one-time opportunity if you are interested in Machine Learning, Advanced Analytics or the Internet of Things.

The briefing will cover the following topics:

  • Machine Learning and its history at Microsoft
  • Current state of the Advanced Analytics business
  • Overview of Azure Machine Learning
  • Advanced Analytics in action – real world examples
  • Demos (Azure ML, IOT / Stream Analytics, etc.)
  • Azure ML Marketplace – helping to share and monetize Data Science creativity and know-how
  • Related Advanced Analytics technologies from Microsoft (HD Insight, Azure Event Hubs, Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Data Factory, Power BI)
  • Update regarding R with Revolution Analytics

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If you are interested in the Internet of Things in general, we will also host two TechTalks on the topic in March. On March 9 in Wallisellen and on March 24 at ELCA in Lausanne.

In the first part of this TechTalk we will give you an introduction to the topic and show you what is real today and how enterprises will be able to use IoT to their advantages. The second part will show you the Internet of Things in action using technologies such as Windows Embedded, the .NET Micro Framework, and Azure to build intelligent IoT systems. You will see live demonstrations of IoT customer solutions, how to prototype and program your own IoT devices using Visual Studio and Windows running on a low voltage Intel Galileo board as well as Microsoft Azure Machine Learning in action.

You can find the sign-up pages for these TechTalks on our event portal.

All events are free of charge to attend! We are looking forward to meeting you there.

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