Experience the advantages of the latest Visual Studio upgrade for yourself

In today’s IT world, keeping up with the pace is both a key success factor and an immense challenge. Many framework and tool providers have shortened their release cycles, so as to respond to customer needs and trends more quickly. For more than two years, we at Microsoft have been delivering quarterly cumulative updates for Visual Studio. Migration scenarios represent an important process in the changeover to this continuous delivery approach; these scenarios must be simple and painless for developers.

However, the migration to a new Visual Studio version was already a key development criterion at a much earlier stage. For instance, round-trip support was introduced with Visual Studio 2010/2012. Also with Visual Studio 2013, older solutions can be opened and compiled without having to be explicitly migrated. These are the improvents at a glance:

  • Develop Universal Apps for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1
  • Support of the latest web standards (ASP.NET, WinJS, Angular)
  • improved developer productivity with CodeLens, CodeMaps and PeekDefintion
  • automated update notifications for framework and tools
  • improved debugging and new profiler
  • support of Git Source Repository

More information is available on our Visual Studio upgrade page.

Technically, a migration poses no great challenge. To make migration attractive in terms of licensing as well, you can license the new versions with MSDN and receive 20 to 25 percent discount. You will find additional information on the new promotions page.

With these two offers, you are on top of things. We look forward to welcoming you to the circle of Visual Studio 2013 developers soon.

Comments (2)

  1. Dev says:

    XNA 4 support was completely dropped in VS 2013 so it's an unusable version.

    Did you know that XNA vNext is a top request on UserVoice at 19'000+ votes? The next top request is bringing C# to XBox One – 14'000+ votes. This is what matters to people.



  2. anonymous says:

    they know it but they don't listen to the their customer.

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