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Über den Event

29. April 2015 bei Microsoft in Wallisellen

Join us for our traditional Build Keynote livestream viewing! We are again partnering with Trivadis to bring you the hottest topics for developers:
Before the Build keynotes, Ronnie Saurenmann provides a short overview of SQL and NoSQL technologies on Azure: Microsoft Azure offers a broad array of options for your data workloads, but it can be challenging to determine the differences between all of the options available.

Relational technology has long been the dominant approach for working with data. However, when you work with large amounts of different types of data, as is increasingly the case today, you are faced with new challenges for managing this data. Relational technology is sometimes the best fit and sometimes not the best fit for managing this data. This session will help you better understand the options, from SQL to NoSQL, explaining what each one provides and why you might want to use it.

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