Microsoft Codename "Social Analytics" – Lab Phase is Complete

The Microsoft Codename “Social Analytics” lab phase is complete. 

Here is what we wanted to learn from this lab:

  • How useful do customers find this scenario?
  • API prioritization: We wanted to understand which features developers needed to implement first and how easy it is to implement these (for example, content
    item display, how to modify filters, etc.).
  • API usability: Were our APIs hard to use, easy to use, consistent with existing methods, or did they add to the concept count?

We have received a lot of useful feedback which will shape our future direction.  We would like to thank everybody who participated for their valuable feedback!

Comments (2)

  1. After this information, the home page of Social Analytics (…/socialanalytics.aspx) is now not showning any other details about this project and its capabilities.

    It there any other link where i can find this information?

  2. Roger Jennings says:


    See links to my articles about Codename "Social Analytics" and other SQL Azure Labs in my Recent Articles about SQL Azure Labs and Other Added-Value Windows Azure SaaS Previews: A Bibliography at…/recent-articles-about-sql-azure-labs.html.